Program Partners

Golden Leaves

It wouldn’t have been possible to create such a dynamic program if we wouldn’t have teamed up with prime candidates from excellent programs. Together we are joining our experience and tools in order to give our students the best material available.


Shehebar Sephardic Center

Since its inception in 1980, the Shehebar Sephardic Center has grown into a world renowned institution with an outstanding reputation for high quality programs, as well as a resource for Jewish communities worldwide to identify rabbis, dayans, teachers, mohels, shochets and spiritual leadership.

The SSC has a thriving kollel, rabbinical training program and dayanut program in the Old City of Jerusalem. The SSC also operates synagogues in the Far East, helps struggling Jewish communities and operates schools in Uzbekistan and Russia. Each project is designed to help Jewish communities’ combat assimilation and intermarriage with spiritual leadership.

The SSC has trained more than 160 rabbis, 20 dayanim, 60 teachers, 40 mohalim, and 25 shochetim. These spiritual leaders now serve Jewish communities in 70 cities on five continents around the world.


World Zionist Organization with Dr. Simcha Leibovich

As the North American Representative of the World Zionist Organization Executives, Dr. Simcha Leibovich currently oversees the entire operation of the WZO Movement in North America, including its popular teacher emissary unit, Shlihim ( He is also a founding member of the Hebrew Literacy Council.

A master teacher, trainer, and co-editor of the Encyclopedia for Social Educational Activities, Dr. Simcha Leibovich has worked as Dean of Informal Education at Orot-Academic College for Education and Givat Washington College of Education for over three decades. For thirty years, Simcha ran the summer “Mercaz”, the educational programming center of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, and developed the Ramah Program Bank for Online Educational Activities for the Ramah Camps in the U.S. and Canada. A consummate advisor and supervisor to youth movements across Israel and the world, Simcha is the Founding Director of the Outdoor Center for Leadership at Neot Kedumim (Bible Lands Reservation) for over a decade. He is also responsible for educating hundreds of officers and generals in the IDF under his programs and mentorship. (


Shanghai Business School

Located in the heart of China, Shanghai, SBS offers not only a unique cultural setting but also an academic schedule up-to-date business courses to give over the best classes of the academy. In their Mandarin language section they make sure to provide trained faculty with abundant experience teaching foreigners in china. The courses are divided into 3 sections: Comprehensive Listening, Oral Mandarin, and Chinese Characters; each with a different professor.

SBS is a campus that builds cutting edge programs for global business and that develops the education market for international students. SBS promotes Chinese language and Sino-Foreign cultural exchange, and provides services regarding international students’ graduation internships and career opportunities.


Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University is a public university in Ramat Gan of the Tel Aviv District, Israel. Established in 1955, Bar-Ilan is now Israel’s second-largest academic institution. It has nearly 26,800 students and 1,350 faculty members.

In their department of Business Administration, Bar-Ilan prepares the student to take significant roles in our diverse changing business and technological world, thru gaining interpersonal skills in business administration, through providing a broad perspective and depth of the management, marketing and finance departments. At the same time, the student acquires familiarity with technological changes, the startup, banking and the venture capital industries to prepare him for the challenges of the future business world.