Our Curriculum

The Golden Leaves Institute offers a new dynamic program to educate Jewish youth to become successful businessmen who are savvy in the financial world and seeped in Torah values. Through an 11-month intensive and immersive program for upcoming entrepreneurs, innovators and promising young leaders, we hope to inspire our participants to become role models for their Jewish communities.

During these 11 months, our select participants will be exposed to the world of business from a unique angle, while at the same time embracing our Jewish values. Our program is designed to help nurture young pioneers who will be key players in the future of their communities. It is a unique program, unlike any other educational offering, which will teach its participants what it means to be both a community leader and a leader in the world of business.

Our program will attract English speaking participants from the Jewish Communities of U.S., Panama, Brazil, Guatemala, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Mexico. By joining together emerging Jewish professionals from such prominent and diverse communities around the world we will create a strong network of like-minded individuals. This network will not only benefit the participants’ future from a business perspective, but also promote positive unity between Jewish communities worldwide.