Program Structure

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Program Structure

Our structure will be composed of three stages; each stage will be divided into three programs.



December – January , Israel.

o    Business Leadership building I.

o    Communal Leadership I

o    Intro to Jewish Ethics.

STAGE I Israel, SSC, Leadership The first and last months of the program will be focused strictly on leadership building for both business and communal purposes. This exceptional program will be under the wings of Dr Simcha Leibovich from the WZO. Together with his staff, Dr Leibovich will host an intense program of four hours a day five days a week, for the first and the last two months in Israel; while in Shanghai, and in Bar-Ilan leadership seminars will be given as well. Students will be located in Jerusalem, near our SSC headquarters. The young professionals will experience daily seminars, lessons, activities and workshops from professionals in the field of leadership. During the morning periods, aside from trips and activities, we will be hosting lectures on Jewish Ethics by our faculty at the SSC.


January – April, China.

o    Jewish Law in Business I/Honesty in the Talmud.

o    Internships in offices throughout Shanghai,

o    Business and Mandarin classes.

STAGE II China, SSC, YCC The following four months of our program, they will be living in China, learning about its business environment while enrolled in a rigorous academic schedule. The program will be hosted by the Jewish community of Shanghai, and participants will dorm together in kosher facilities and organized minyanim. We will offer Torah seminars, business courses and Mandarin lessons. Participants will be placed in hand-picked business internships throughout Shanghai to learn business responsibility from the beginning. We will also offer an exclusive curriculum called “China from Within” in which students will be learning the industry at first hand, and will be taken to visit cultural sites, main Chinese cities, factories and selling centers, as well as, executing small business projects in the real business environment of China.


May –  November , Israel.

o    Jewish Law in Business II/ ‘Derekh Eretz Kadma Latora’

o    Business courses at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

o    Lectures & workshops from world famous businessmen and entrepreneurs.

STAGE III Israel, SSC, Bar-Ilan   At this stage, participants spend the following three months in Israel, near the Shehebar Sephardic Center in a joint exclusive program with Bar-Ilan University. Our students learn from scholars in the areas of business, leadership as well as learning from successful entrepreneurs and experts in the fields of high tech, startups, banking, and venture capitalism. In Israel, our students will also partake in a special program, The Holy Land and I, where they will be traveling around Israel, in order to get to know Israel through the eyes of the businessmen of the Bible.