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Shehebar Sephardic Center together with Shanghai Business School, Bar-Ilan University, and the World Zionist Organization, present:

Judaism acknowledges the legitimate pursuit of wealth and the satisfaction of one’s material needs. Wealth is seen in the Torah as part of God’s blessings.  Through the Mitzvah of Tzedakha the recipient of wealth becomes an administrator and redistributors of God’s blessings, sharing his blessing with those who have less.  Wealth is positive inasmuch as we recognize that, ultimately it comes directly from HaShem, who granted me the strength and wisdom to make money.  And finally, Judaism requires that wealth will be acquired with integrity.

It is essential that Jewish businessmen, particularly young entrepreneurs, will be knowledgeable in the principles of Judaism to act with integrity in their business dealings.  Integrity is a key element in Jewish business ethics, not just as an ethical principle but also as the most effective tool to make money. As Rabbi Eliezer Papo, the author of Pele Yoets used to say: a good name and reputation, in the long term, is the most profitable business investment.

Our Mission Statement

Golden Leaves Institute aspires to expose young Jewish entrepreneurs to the newest trends in international business. We believe that the study of languages and short internships abroad allows direct knowledge and contact with the source of industrial production, bypassing the needs for intermediaries.  A more profound knowledge of new countries and cultures opens doors for unforeseen opportunities, such as selling to China. Our mission is to encourage the education towards a successful financial trajectory while educating our students to always remember that haShem is the source of success and that success must be shared with their peers and communities.

Golden Leaves Institute aspires to teach business skills to those engaged in the world of Tora and to teach the principles of Tora to those engaged in the world of business. We do this fulfilling the maxim of our Rabbis in Pirqe abot:  ‘יפהתלמודתורהעםדרךארץ’ the integration of Tora with a decent source of parnasa (livelihood) is superior.

Golden Leaves Institute wants to train and educate the next generation of Jewish youth to be successful Jewish businessmen with emuna, kindness and integrity. With God’s help they will become the future leaders of Jewish communities.

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